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The M.S. in Physics’ (professional and research) is a two-year program whose objective is to provide essential graduate physics’ courses

1. to students wishing to pursue a PhD in physics or astro physics (research)
2. to students who will pursue a career after their M.S. (Bac+5) (professional) 

The M.S. in Physics’ program provides a well-rounded education over 4 semesters (120 credits).  Semesters 1 and 2 include common core classes (30 credits), in addition to a choice of classes chosen in function of the student’s objective (PhD or M.S.).  In the framework of the International Master’s, 6 modules from the core curriculum are offered each semester, in French and in English.  A physics/chemistry curriculum is also offered in the first year of the M.S. and prepares students wishing to sit the competitive exam required to teach in the French secondary school system.

Semesters 3 and 4 offers a variety of courses in function of the program chosen and include an internship in a research laboratory for the M.S. in Research and one in the industrial sector for the Professional M.S.  The second year of the M.S. includes seven specialties

The first 5 specialties concern the M.S. in Research. They are composed of a core curriculum with lecture classes which may include recitations, speciality courses, workshops in the techniques necessary to enter the world of fundamental or applied research, and a 3-5 month internship in an academic or industrial research laboratory.

The two following programs, Nanotechnology and Characterisation and Management of the Atmosphere provide students wishing to do a professional M.S. (Bac+5) the necessary courses based on extensive and applied knowledge of Physics.  These two specialties provide a professional enhancement of the knowledge learned in the first year, as well as a cross disciplinary program that is adapted to the needs of the professional world.  This feature also opens this program to students from Science and Technology.