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Financial statements  [Modifier]

Dear students,

Please find hereafter the documents concerning the introductory part of the FInancial Statement lessons, which are part of the MMIC Finance I module.

I enclose as well the texts of the exercices going along which the lessons.

A) Powerpoint slides containing the course material : 

1) First lesson : Accountancy basics and introduction into the notion of financial statements :  FIN 2 Accountancy information system.pdf

2) Second - fourth lessons : Metal up - case

- Typical situations : relation WORKING CAPITAL / WORKING CAPITAL REQUIREMENT / NET CASH-POSITION : FIN 2 Analysis WC-WCR-C standard situations.pdf


- Initial situation : description + balance sheet + Profit & Lss account + Functional balance sheet + TIMB : Metal up GB initial situation students.pdf

- Initial situation - analysis : Metal up analysis 2012.docx 


- Expected situation : (latest business year = 2016, expected situation is for 2017)

description + balance sheet + Profit & Loss account and solutions functional balance sheet + TIMB : Metal up GB expected situation studentsx.pdf 

- Expected situation - analysis :

Functional balance , fixed assests in NET value : Metal UP GB expected balance net.pdf

Functional baance , fixed assets in GROSS value : Metal UP GB expected balance gross.pdf

Table of intermediate management balances : Metal UP GB expected TIMB.pdf

Analysis : to come


- Attained situation : description + balance sheet + Profit & Loss account and solutions functional balance sheet + TIMB : Metal up GB achieved situation N+1 students.pdf

- Ratios : to come

 B) The Gynkor case :

Here's the information on  the gynkor case : Gynkor case.pdf

Elements of solution : Functional balance sheet + TIMB : to come       selected ratios : to come

Some precision concerning your tasks : 

The idea is, that each group plays - in a professionnal manner - a meeting representatives of Gynkor have with the bank adviser of the company.

The representatives of Gynkor might be : financial director, operation director and CEO. On the side of the bank there'll be sitting at the table at least the adviser for Gynkor's account at the bank, maybe together with his director, as the project of Gynkor has a significant value (between 600 000 and 1 000 000 €). The bank representatives know very well the company, as Gynkor is customer at this bank since its establishment.

Gynkor's project is : investment in order to grow. Each group decides about the "investment story", the frame is : investment volume between 600 000 and 1 000 000 €, plan to finance it : 60 % loan, 20% cash, 20% injection of shareholder money into the various loan position.

We're in the middle of 2014, the project should be launched at the end of 2014 and help to make the company grow (figures : turnover increase between 10-25% spread over three years ( = 2015,2016, 2017). Figures concerning the evolution (during this 3-year-period) of significant expense positions are included in the description of the case.

You have to choose the precise description of the project (warehouse, on-line selling, subsidiary, .......) and adapt the changes to the project you'll have chosen.

You have a meeting with the bank, during which you'll describe the project you'll have chosen, you'll have to give analytic comments on Gynkor's financial health and its profitability during the previous years (2012, 2013), you will have to design the near future of Gynkor including the investment you intend to make. Your job is to convince the bank to give Gynkor the loan which it is applying for.

The bank will discuss the arguments (criticism, questions, point out possible weaknesses and advice the company, if there seems to be need for advice. At the end, the bank should argue why the decide to grant or not to grant the loan Gynkor asks for.

The discussion and the bank's decision should be played as if you were professionnals ! 

I suggest, that before putting up the discussion, you might meet a real bank adviser for business customers and get information, how in this kind of meeting in a real situation the bank would behave : what kind of information they'd ask for, what are the key elements for a decision, which objectifs the bank follows while deciding about such a demand for a loan, which are the real conditions for such a loan (duration, interest rate, requested guarantees, ....).

The play should be of about 10-15 minutes per group. I hope we'll have an interesting morning, listening to divers projects, to divers arguments. I hope this type of preparation and the play combines fun and professionnalism.

If you have any further question .... you know where my office is or via email ... Don't hesitate.

Thank you for your very positive involvement, which I felt during the session on 20.October. 



C) Exercices :   

1) Exercices 1 - 7 , going along with the "First lesson" : Exercices.pdf

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