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Topic 4 Territories & networks : Alfred Marshall - The indistrial district  [Modifier]

Topic 4 : Territories & networks : Industrial districts

A) Course : You'll find included in this course information about the concept of Alfred Marshall with respect to the concept of "concentration of specialized industries in particular locations" which are called nowadays "Industrial Districts" . The marshallian district (re)gained interest in the 1980ies, when the success of comparable structures in Northern Italy made believe, this pattern of economic development might be a way of successfully structuring economic activity in a period of long lasting stagnation and crises. Topic 4 Territories and networks Marshall - ind districts.pdf

Since the decline of the Italian districts, due to the European integration process, to  globalisation and Italian domestic evolutions, much effort is spent to foster regional development via building up structures which integrate the positive experiences of the industrial district approach : Topic 4 Territories and networks territorial development.pdf

B) Additional reading, integrated in the course :

A case-study of one of the Italian Industrial District, the ceramic tiles industry located in and around Sassuolo, close to Modena : Topic 4 District Sassuolo tiles.pdf

The evolution of this industry in Italy : statistics from Confindustria Ceramice 2010 and 2012 : Topic 4 Confindustria Ceramice 2010 statistics on tile industry.pdf , Topic 4 Confindustria Ceramice 2012 stat.pdf

C) Besides these documents, please find some suggestions for additional readings :

The original text of Alfred Marshall on the concept of concentration of enterprises belonging to the same industry in a single geographical location : Topic 4 Industrial disctricts A Marshall Chap X .pdf  

The European Small Business Act of 2008 and the Evaluation of French achievements for 2012 : EU SBA fact sheet France 2012.pdf

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