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Topic 3 Crisis  [Modifier]

Topic 3 : Crisis

A) Course : A presentation of the phenomenon of crisis, origins and consequences of crises. Examples : pre-industrial crisis 1846-1847 France leading to the 1848 revolution , modern crisis 1873-1895 "The great depression" , modern crisis 2007-2010 and it's impact on economy :  Topic 3 Crisis 2016-2017.pdf

For your personal reading, I added a series of documents into this topic. Those which I consider most interesting and instructive are highlighted in green characters !

B) Preparation for the following sessions : 

C) Additional reading, integrated in the course  :

- The link to a video, which describes in an comprehensive manner the real-estate bubble and the financial crisis of 2008-2009 : http://vimeo.com/3261363

The idea of crisis and cycles :

- A Marxian approach of crisis : The Marx International Socialist Society Review : an article on the understanding of crisis : Topic 3 Crisis reading Marx Intern Socialist Review Crisis theory.docx

- Phenomenon, related to crisis : renewal & threat (extract of an article of Toelken, Seeger, Batteau (2005) : Topic 3 Crisis reading Toelken Seeger Batteau.pdf

- Hyman Philip Minsky : theorie of crisis as a cyclic phenomenonTopic 3 Crisis reading MINSKY Hyman Philip 31102011.pdf

- Juglar and Kondratieff : economy and cyclic phenomenon : Topic 3 Crisis Juglar - Kondratiev.pdf

- An article on Juglar's crisis and cycle theory (read pages of section 2 essentially - p1 - 14 of the file) : Topic 3 Crisis reading Juglar from crisis to business cycles.pdf

Fraudulous behavior may contribute to crises :

- Carlo Ponzi - Ponzi-schemes : Topic 3 Crisis reading Carlo Ponzi.pdf

- An example for a Ponzi-scheme based crisis : Topic 3 Crisis reading The 1997 unrest in Albania.pdf

Historical crisis phenomena :

- The Tulip mania of 1637 : Topic 3 crisis reading Tulip mania.pdf

- The South Sea Company bubble of the early 18th centuryTopic 3 Crisis reading south sea company.pdf

- The Mississippi Company crisis , early 18th centuryTopic 3 Crisis reading mississippi company.pdf

- An attempt to draw a list of financial and economic crises throughout history : Topic 3 crisis reading history list of financial and economic crises.pdf

On the 2007 - > ? crisis :

A presentation of a member of the directors board of German Bundesbank (par of the European Central Bank System) on the question of the origins of the Sovreign debt and Euro-crisis (August 2013) : Topic 3 Crisis EU sovereign debt crisis 26082013.pdf

A presentation of the first phase of the current crisis : the real-estate and financial crisis Deutsche Bank Research , novembre 2009 : Topic 3 Crisis International financial crisis 2008 13012010.pdf

A presentation of the interactions of the Euro-crisis 2010-2011 (ending unfortunately in 2011 and not updated since - in French language)  : Topic 3 crisis reading Euro crisis - Figaro 21102011.pdf

On the 1997-1999 crisis originating in South-East Asia - Interview of Georges SorosTopic 3 Crisis reading interview G Soros on 1998 crisis.pdf

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