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Topic 2 GLobalisation  [Modifier]

Topic 2 Globalisation

A) Course : Globalisation - what is globalisation, basis of globalisation, European contribution to the phenomenon of globalisation, globalisation in enterprise management

The following slide-show gives insight into these aspects : Topic 2 Globalisation cours MMIC 2015-2016.pdf

Trade routes - to seize the idea, that globalisation is a very old phenomenon : Topic 2 globalisation trade routes 03112009

Eurostat data : EU indicators of globalisation : Topic 2 EU 2015 Globalisation indicators.xlsx 

Please have a look on the two documents listed hereafter : 

Texts of Vincent Capdepuy and Bernard Lewis

B) Course related texts, and additional reading :

- Introduction chapter of "The Middle East - 2000 years of history from the rise of christianity to the present day", by Bernard Lewis :  Topic 2 Globalisation texte B lewis.pdf 

- An interesting article written by V. Capdepuy on the question of the use of the term "Mondialisation". This article is based on the analysis of the archives of the newspaper "Le Monde" since its establishment in 1944 : Topic 2 texte Mondialisation Capdepuy 2013.pdf

 - Measurement of globalisation : the KOF index : Topic 2 GLoalisation KOF index of globalisation 2014.pdf

- Foreign Direct Investment World investment report 2015 : available under the following web-address : http://www.unctad.org/en/PublicationsLibrary/wir2015_en.pdf

- Global Competitiveness Report 2015-16, available  under the following web-address http://www.weforum.org/reports/global-competitiveness-report-2015-2016

- An evaluation of the positioning of France compared to the 10 first-ranked economies, up to the yearly World-Economic-Forum survey (2007-2013) :

ANALYSE ECARTS FRANCE GCI 2007-2013.pdf . The French position is determinated after the average and standard-deviation calculated for each indicator. If the value of the indicator of France is outside of the standard-deviation, it is considered to express a considerably higher or lower level of attractivity in the eyes of the international business community.   

C) Besides these documents, please find some suggestions for additional readings :

- Immanuel Wallterstein , World System Analysis, 2004 (read especially the chapter on the possible evolution towards a new system (pages 48 and following of the file) : Wallrstein world-systems_analysis.pdf

- An extract of T. Clissolds book "Mr. China" (chapter 8) on the particularities of the Chinese language which make it more difficult to become a world language, but which shows the close interrelation between Culture and language and therefore the difficulties which may have Westerners to understand their Chinese business partners : Topic 2 texte T Clissold Mr. China chapt 8.pdf

- For those of you who master French enough to read this very interesting text : Chapter one ("Le moteur de l'histoire") of "Introduction au siècle des menaces" de Jacques Blamont. Récit de l'émergence de l'industrie de la communication moderne à partir de l'invention du transisteur (this text is in French language) : globalisation reading blamont NTIC-ind 09 2009.pdf

- An article, published October 2010 in "La vie économique, Revue de politique économique", Switzerland : Peut-on mesurer la mondialisation ? : Mesurer globalisation 10-2010 vie economique CH.pdf

- A set of power-point slides containing some indicators concerning economic globalisation : Topic 2 GLobalisation indicators MMIC 2012-2013.pptx

- A text edited in "Monde diplomatique" of november 2009 on the issue of strategic planning in Europe ("Quelle réflexion stratégique européenne" - this text is in French language) : reflexion strategique europeenne monde diplo 11 - 2009.pdf

- An interesting article on the question of "trade openness = peace" ? The authors expose their thesis, that globalisation does not necessarly mean a higher probability for peace between the nations. : Topic 2 GLobalisation texte MARTIN MEYER THOENIG make trade not war 2006 05092011.pdf  

- An article from a Iranian doctoral student on the issue of "Globalization, the end of Sovereignty ?" : Topic 2 GLobalization and the end sovereignty texte.pdf

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