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  On September 7, 2017 the second master thesis defence session in the history of the EACH programme took place at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL)! Aleksandra Lelevic, Gaurav Bhardwaj, Huian Liu, Marko Jovanovic, Oleksandra Burakhovska, Olivier Etebe Nonga, Rudolf Aro and Tetiana Melnyk successfully defended their master’s theses.

The topics of the theses embraced a wide area of modern analytical problems (top-down LC-MS proteomics, industrial process control with gas chromatography and Raman spectrometry, accurate moisture measurement in solids, FT-IR analysis of plasticizers in concrete, etc). The majority of the theses were performed in collaboration with industry. This choice of topics and the long-standing industrial collaboration is rooted in the world-famous industrial analysis and control study direction at UCBL led by prof. Jérôme Randon.

At a small cosy drink after the defence students shared their memories of the study period in Lyon. The students were generally very happy about their study track. They praised especially the long and serious placement in industry, which taught them a wide range of useful skills and enabled establishing many contacts. Students also spoke about their future plans. Several of them have already secured jobs/positions.

On photo from the left: Marko, Jerome (academic coordinator at Lyon), Oleksandra, Olivier, Huian, Aleksandra, Rudolf, Gaurav (Tetiana unfortunately had to leave earlier).

Ivo Leito

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Théo El DaraÏ et Ramzi Sellik, two students from Lyon, has participate to the MSC Euromaster Summer School 2017 (Druskininkai, Lithuania).

Théo El Daraï:

First I would like to thank a lot all the professors and teachers who made such a great job during this summer school. I couldn't imagine before, that I can learn so much during such a short period.

That is why, I will be glad to apply what I learned there and I am sure I will always think about those two weeks when I will have to determine uncertainty.

Thank you once again, I am sure you can be proud of you.

Ramzi Sellik: 

This summer school was a great chance to revise and learn more about metrology and measurement in chemistry. It was also an oppotunity to meet so many people from all over the world. Everything was made to have an unforgettable experience, from the trips to different laboratories (Druskininkai and Vilnius) to the excursion to nature and all other activities.

Finally, we came back from Lithuania with a better appreciation of metrology in analytical chemistry, a lot of memories and great friendships.

For all these reasons, thank you all professors for giving me this opportunity!


In 2008, the first edition of the MANCO magazine was produced based on students experience during the MSc Analytical Science program in Lyon.

Since 2009, this creative teaching approach was repeated with the new cohorts of students: during March and April, first year students spent a first training period in industrial or academic research labs to improve knowledge, skills and abilities in analytical project management in a professional environment. At the end of the semester, they went back to university and, as part of their university workload they prepared a one page document on an original task performed in the lab. In 2015, the printed magazine became the electronic magazine you can read today on the following adress:


A search engine is set up to facilitate the search of an article by keywords (the author's name, the theme, the year...) or full text research.


2017 summer school took place in Druskininkai, Lithuania. It is organized by the consortium "Measurement Science in Chemistry" and gathered students and professionnal

Two students from Lyon, between first year and second year of the master degree, have joined the other participants coming from different contries to learn about accreditation, measurement uncertainty...

A unique learning experience in an international environment.


We have the pleasure to let you know that our reapplication for the continuation of the EACH Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme (www.analyticalchemistry.eu) has been successful!

During the three years 2018-2020, the joint master program (Tartu, Upsalla, Abo, Lyon) will be supported again by European Union.


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