You are a teacher

For teachers: analyze and develop your teaching practices

  • Have you read the Hy-Sup research findings? Do you want to position what you are doing in relation to the typology proposed?
  • Are you open to some stimulating? Would you like to ask questions about your courses?
  • Are you tempted to explore new practices?
  • Are you willing to improve the way your students learn?
  • Do you want to develop your teaching to fit better to students in the 21st century?

What Hy-Sup offers

  1. To analyze one of your courses using the self-positioning tool: 14 questions to describe one of your hybrid courses, 6 types to consider a variety of teaching practices in higher education.
  2. to discover the stories of teachers in higher education ( video, on YouTube) :
    • their hybrid course in a few words
    • the most characteristic elements
    • the added value for students
    • suggestions for colleagues who want to get into the same kind of system
  3. to discuss with other teachers and with us, researchers, on one of our blogs :